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This is where you get to choose how you start your meal.

Salad- Romaine or Spring Mix- $9.75

Warm Pita- Greek grilled pita bread $7.95

Grain Bowl-Turmeric  infused Basmati Rice / Brown rice / Power grain  $9.75 

Green + Grains- Mix your favorite salad and grain  $9.75

Step 2

Choose up to 2 Dips /Spreads. 

All Dips are Handcrafted in-house Daily 

House TZATZIKI DIP-Mint/Olive oil/cucumber/salt   (KETO FRIENDLY) 

Zaatar FETA Dip- feta/olive oil/ herbs.  (KETO FRIENDLY)

FOOL- fava bean/Spicy Harissa/lemon/garlic GLUTEN FREE

Hummus- Chickpeas/tahini/lemon GLUTEN FREE

Avocado Hummus- Avocado/chickpeas/tahini/lemon GLUTEN FREE

Baba Ganoush- Eggplant/ Tahini/lemon/garlic GLUTEN FREE
Hummous with Pita Bread

Step 3

Choose your Protein 

KOFTADEKIS(meatballs)-Ground beef/ Mint/ 7spice

SAHARA GRILLED CHICKEN-Paprika/spices/lemon/ginger/garlic KETO FRIENDLY

Greek GRILLED Chicken- Low sodium/Oregano/Lemon/garlic  (KETO FRIENDLY)

OLD school GYRO- Famous Lamb and beef cone.

BRAISED PULLED LAMB-Coriander/ olive oil/Greek Herbs  KETO FRIEDNLY

Falafel-chickpea/parsley/red pepper/garlic    GLUTEN FREE

Vegetarian grape leaves- served cold- wheat/rice/olive oil/ lemon

Step 4

Choose your favorite toppings

You canchoose all of them!

Shredded lettuce      

Kalamata Olives


Seasoned Chickpea

Crumbled feta 


Red Onion



Fresh Jalapeno 

Fresh Garden Mint

Tomato Cucumber Salad 

Minced Garlic

Pickled onion

Step 5 

Choose your sauce

Roasted Garlic Sauce KETO
Greek vinaigrette
Red Shata (Spicy)

Dill Tzatziki KETO 

Zesty HerbTahini

Marrakech Marinara (sweet, smoky, spicy) 

Copy of Lebanese fries (3).PNG